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Feigenbaum Dental Blog

January 10, 2020

The Link Between Anxiety and Dry Mouth

woman experiencing anxietyAnxiety can lead to numerous symptoms, which range from the annoying to the life-threatening. Somewhere in the middle of that spectrum is dry mouth in Creve Coeur. Not only is a dry mouth a pesky problem, but an insufficient amount of saliva increases your risk of dental decay and bad breath. But just how does anxiety contribute to dry mouth? Is there anything you can do to combat anxiety-related dry mouth? Let’s discuss these important questions.


November 29, 2019

Sensitive Gums and Sensitive Teeth: What They Mean

woman with mouth painDental pain and sensitivity can come in many different forms, some of which are annoying, and some of which are agonizing. When either your gums or your teeth are sensitive, you might be annoyed because that discomfort can affect your eating habits. But should you also be worried that you might have a significant oral health issue that could cause you even more problems down the road? Let’s discuss sensitive gums vs sensitive teeth. You’ll learn what each symptom means and how your dentist can help you find relief.


October 11, 2019

How Gum Disease is Linked to Hypertension

A man covering his heart with his hand.If you are part of the nearly 65 million American adults who have a mild, moderate, or severe form of periodontitis, the more advanced stage of gum disease, you’ll want to keep reading. According to new research coming out of the American Heart Association’s journal Hypertension, there’s evidence that your risk for hypertension goes up when you have gum disease.

A dentist in Creve Coeur wants to summarize the details of this study and emphasize why it’s so important to get your gum disease treated if you do in fact have it. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the early or late stages, you should always get treatment. Doing so could mean the difference between your future heart treatment being successful or leading to potential complications!


September 20, 2019

Are You Going Overboard with Your Toothbrush?

hand holding worn out toothbrushDentists are always reminding their patients to brush their teeth. This daily habit rids the teeth of plaque and plays a huge role in preventing cavities and gum disease. If you are a diligent brusher, you deserve a pat on the back! Unfortunately, however, some individuals go a little overboard with their toothbrush and actually end up hurting their oral health. How can you tell if you are overbrushing? How can you adjust your brushing technique to protect your teeth? Let’s discuss these important questions.


August 10, 2019

Dear Dentist, What Is Plaque? How Can I Get Rid of It?

woman holding toothbrush and waterYou know that dental plaque is bad. You know it leads to oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Still, you might not be aware of exactly what plaque is and how it leads to oral health issues. A dentist in Creve Coeur is here to provide the lowdown on plaque and give you some tips to stop this substance from harming your smile.


July 5, 2019

A Dentist Discusses the Link Between Oral Health and Digestive Health

nauseated womanHealthy digestion begins in the mouth. In fact, even before you take your first bite of a meal, the digestive process gets started as your salivary glands increase their activity. When you chew your food, the chewing action, along with enzymes in your saliva, break down your food into a form that is easier for the rest of your digestive system to handle. Clearly, your mouth plays a huge role in the way your body processes food. But did you know that your symptoms in your mouth can also point to problems in your gut? A dentist in Creve Coeur is here to talk about this fascinating connection.


June 2, 2019

Lost One of Your Dental Crowns? Here’s What You Should Do

shocked man covering mouthYour dental crowns in Creve Coeur play an important role in safeguarding your oral health. A crown shields a weak or damaged tooth, enabling it to function well and stand up to the rigors of everyday eating and drinking. If one of your crowns falls out, you could find yourself in a world of hurt. Your tooth may become extremely sensitive, and it will be vulnerable to further damage and decay. It is important that you act quickly to remedy the situation. Here are some specific steps you should take:


April 23, 2019

Visit Your Dentist for an Oral Cancer Screening This April

cancer awareness ribbonAt the beginning of this year, it was estimated that 53,000 people would get oral cancer and over 10,000 people would die from oral cancer in 2019. While this disease is neither the most common nor the most talked-about cancer, it still deserves our attention. April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, making it the perfect time for you to visit your dentist for an oral cancer screening in Creve Coeur. A simple examination could save your life!


February 7, 2019

Is Gum Disease the Cause of Alzheimer’s? Well, Maybe

sad older womanAlzheimer’s is a devastating disease that affects nearly six million people in the United States. Researchers have been trying for decades to gain a deeper understanding of this condition and what causes it, but most of their efforts have yielded little success. A recent breakthrough, however, is shedding light on the potential cause of Alzheimer’s. It may be directly related to gum disease. Let’s take a closer look at the research and what it may mean for you.


January 15, 2019

A Dentist in Creve Coeur Warns You to Avoid Energy Drinks

thumbs down for energy drinkMost people could use an extra boost of energy this time of year. Whether you’re trying to power through your income taxes, work off all the calories you consumed during the holidays, or find the strength to cope with gray winter skies, an energy drink might seem like just what you need. But before you head to the grocery store to pick up one of these beverages, take a moment to reflect on how it could affect your smile. As your dentist in Creve Coeur explains, the following sports and energy drinks can have devastating consequences for your oral health.


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