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October 5, 2018

Dental Insurance: Use It or Lose It in Creve Coeur

man in dental chairFor most people the last few months of the year are, without a doubt, the busiest months of the year. The holiday season is a time for dinner parties, family, friends, and volunteering. With the focus being placed on others, rather than oneself, it comes as no surprise that dental appointments do not make it on the daily check list; however, it is best to use it or lose it in Creve Coeur when it comes to your insurance benefits.

More often than not, patients are determined to postpone dental appointments until sometime after January 1st, even though the festive season is the worst time to suffer from a lack of energy and illness. Even though the holidays can become frantic, it is possible to thoroughly enjoy them in great health!

Schedule a Dental Appointment and Maintain Systemic and Oral Vitality during the Holidays.

During a routine dental cleaning and examination, the doctor and hygienist will check for dental complications such as chipped and broken teeth, decay, and other harmful bacteria which can cause discomfort, and compromise the patient’s immune system. And, while cancer (in any form) is never pleasant to think about, it is imperative to remember that early detection is extremely important, and oral cancer screenings are always part of a periodic dental examination.

As your Delta Dental dentist in Creve Coeur, the Feigenbaum Dental team wants patients to understand how their oral hygiene affects their overall systemic health, especially when diabetes, cancer, and cardiac issues are part of a patient’s health history. Most dental insurance plans will cover (at least) two periodic exams per year.

Whitening Solutions Help Brighten Holiday Smiles!

Feeling fine, but wanting to improve the overall look of your smile? Surface staining caused by rich holiday foods and drinks will be addressed during the hygiene appointment, as well. And, there are multiple cosmetic options for patients concerned with the aesthetics of their smile. Dental insurance, of course, does not cover cosmetic procedures; however, the Feigenbaum Dental front office team always reviews the treatment plan with the patient before scheduling, making it easy for patients to budget before their appointment!

The Fast Pace of the Holiday Season may Cause Patients to Forget about Maximizing Yearly Insurance Coverage.

The dentist’s front office team is knowledgeable and ready to help patients understand how their dental insurance benefits are allocated, so patients are utilizing the best portion of their yearly dental coverage. But again, regardless of whether or not a patient has dental insurance, a front office team member will always offer to review a detailed treatment plan with the patient.

Treatment plans include: a sequence of appointments (when multiple appointments are necessary), tooth numbers and procedure descriptions, insurance copay and deductible estimates, and the total cost of the plan. Patients in need of extensive restorative care may choose to apply for an interest-free payment plan, through CareCredit. Again, patients should contact the front office for information regarding insurance and payment arrangements.










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