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June 2, 2019

Lost One of Your Dental Crowns? Here’s What You Should Do

shocked man covering mouthYour dental crowns in Creve Coeur play an important role in safeguarding your oral health. A crown shields a weak or damaged tooth, enabling it to function well and stand up to the rigors of everyday eating and drinking. If one of your crowns falls out, you could find yourself in a world of hurt. Your tooth may become extremely sensitive, and it will be vulnerable to further damage and decay. It is important that you act quickly to remedy the situation. Here are some specific steps you should take:

Contact Your Dentist

Your dentist in Creve Coeur greatly values your oral health and comfort; they don’t want you to suffer with the consequences of your lost crown any longer than necessary. Give their office a call and explain what happened. They might even be able to make a same-day emergency appointment for you.

When you visit your dentist, bring your crown with you. If it is not badly damaged, your dentist might be able to reattach it. However, it may be necessary for them to design and place an entirely new crown. If that is the case, you’ll wear a temporary crown until your new permanent one is ready.

Replace the Crown if Possible

Before your dental appointment, you might be able to temporarily reattach your crown using dental cement from a local pharmacy. Using the cement should be simple. After you clean the inside of your crown, put the dental cement inside it (some types of dental cement need to be mixed, while others do not). Then, place the crown on the tooth.

Replacing your crown with a temporary adhesive will provide your tooth with a degree of protection until your dentist can assess the situation and provide treatment. However, you should not try to force the crown back onto your tooth if it does not want to fit; you don’t want to accidentally cause further damage.

Manage Your Discomfort

Here are some more tips to help you manage your pain until you can see your dentist:

  • Whether or not you are able to replace the crown, be careful not to chew with the affected tooth.
  • Avoid extremely hot or cold foods and beverages; ice cream, hot coffee, tea, or that glass of lemonade could irritate your sensitive tooth and cause significant pain.
  • Take over the counter pain medications.

Losing a dental crown is a serious incident, but it is no reason to panic. Follow the above tips to handle the situation and get your oral health back on track as quickly as possible.

Meet the Dentists

Drs. James and Jenna Feigenbaum are a father-daughter dental team who serve patients in Creve Coeur and the surrounding areas. They provide a broad range of services, including dental crowns. They are often able to see emergency patients on a same-day basis. To learn more about our doctors, or to schedule an appointment, contact Feigenbaum Dental today at 314-567-1777.

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