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Dental Bridges

Replace One or a Few Consecutive Missing Teeth

If you are missing more than one tooth in a row, you need an affordable and convenient option to replace your missing teeth. Feigenbaum Dental offers dental bridges to replace your missing teeth to regain a complete smile. As a restorative dentist in Creve Coeur, we offer multiple options for bridges, including traditional bridge and crowns or an implant-supported bridge.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

When you have missing teeth, you need to replace your missing teeth to protect your oral health and quality of life. As you start to lose your teeth, your remaining natural teeth will no longer have the support they need because you will begin to lose bone density. To protect the longevity of your remaining natural teeth, you need to give your teeth added support with a prosthetic option.

By bridging the gap between your missing teeth, you will help protect your remaining natural teeth from damage. Not to mention, you will restore your confidence with a complete smile. You will eat and speak confidently as your replacement teeth look natural.

Best Options for a Dental Bridge

Currently, more than 15 million people use a bridge and crown replacement for missing teeth. This form of tooth replacement is the most common, affordable, and convenient. A row of prosthetic teeth fills the gap between the missing teeth, which are held in place by bonding dental crowns to the adjacent teeth. With the use of dental crowns, the bridge will stay firmly in place for a long-term solution to treat your tooth loss.

This option is affordable and convenient. Using impressions and images of your mouth, we will create your custom bridgework and dental crowns to fill the space of the missing teeth. This minimally invasive treatment will require a couple of appointments to give you a complete smile

Advancements in dentistry now allow for another option when replacing your teeth—a implant-supported bridge. An implant-supported bridge is very similar to a traditional bridge, except it is held in place by dental implant posts instead of dental crowns. While this option can cost more, it is the most recommended.

Implant-supported bridges will permanently replace your missing teeth with an option that closely resembles and functions like natural teeth. Not to mention, the use of implant posts will help to protect your remaining teeth as the posts stimulate the bone to prevent bone loss.

While this is the most preferred and recommended option to replace missing teeth, it will require a multi-phased treatment that does require minor surgery. However, with the procedure, you will make a true investment in your smile using a lifelong solution to treat your tooth loss.

Dental Bridge Dentist Near Me

If you are ready to replace your missing teeth with a dental bridge, you are making a wise choice. Feigenbaum Dental will help you smile confidently with a complete smile. We offer both removable and implant options for dental bridges to replace multiple missing teeth.

We will restore your beautiful smile with the best options for tooth replacement. Contact our dental office today to schedule a consultation.

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